WE CAN, WE WILL, WE MUST – A story of love & inspiration to win life when it hits you hard

Author: Saranya Umakanthan
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Writing Geeks; First edition (22 September 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 819366972X
ISBN-13: 978-8193669723
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 1.4 x 20.3 cm

My Stars: 7/10


My vision:

“Love really doesn’t mean to going around trees, singing tra-la-la-la, chanting I love you mantra and message bombarding.” Love is a feeling which make you feel very special… with all your happiness when you chose to have dream of your loved one’s in your eyes… no boundaries there to stop you in achieving them… like Samaira and Vivian. Author has beautifully woven all the threads of perfect relationship in the story and presented it very effectively. In spite of sharing lots of common with a typical love story, this story has successfully grabbed my attention right from the beginning till the end.

Story is about Samaira who is a beautiful girl with broken heart and lost everything in life and Vivian, who is a successful business man. Nature made them met, love sparkled between them but one is running away from the love where as another is keep holding the thread. Selfless friendship, trust, hope, living beside each other in all thick and thins make the bond stronger between them. Although all these things sounds too common with all love stories, this story still manages to leave impact on reader’s mind.

Book title, itself is very inspiring with a meaningful book cover. Book cover before started reading was just a cover but after completing the book I was able to understand the meaning of every image on cover; the sky full of stars, two people jumping towards stars with holding their hands, mountains and two thumbs wishing good luck to each other. Language is easy to understand with least grammatical and typing errors, author has also maintained perfect pace for narrating the story which keeps the reader active. Simple twists and turns are keeping the curiosity alive in reader and also not allowing to keep down the book until got finished.

The quotes at the beginning of chapters are reflecting the zeal of each chapter. I liked the character of Vivian the most, of course author has supplied all goody goody features to the one which every girl dreamed of. The inspirational things which have been narrated through the male protagonist are amazing.  People who like to read love stories should also try this flavor of love.