Can Love Happen Twice?


Title: Can Love Happen Twice?

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Penguin Books India

Release Date: 15 Jan 2012

Format: Paperback

Pages: 224


Rating: 3.5/5

The book title “Can love happen twice?” itself is quite attractive as “Love” is the most magical feeling in the world felt by at least once by everyone. From the title I expected a happy ending and as it is the sequel of “I too had a love story”, I predicted that at least in this part Ravin will find his true love without any hurdles, heartbreak and disappointments. Also I was very curious to know about the feeling when really love happens second time.

Once again Ravindra Singh is very successful in creating the magic of his writing. It is the sequel of “I too had a love story” in which Ravin has fallen in love with Khushi, but destiny make them apart. Ravin’s deep, passionate love for Khushi didn’t allow him to move on. But, life was waiting for him to give another chance at Belgium where he went for an offshore project. He started involving himself with the work, new people and the beauty of the place. In this time span he got attracted towards a beautiful stranger. His fate made him meet her again and again. Their frequent meetings opened a new destination in Ravin’s life and love knocked at his heart again. His heart started beating for “Simar”, a beautiful, charismatic girl.

Simar and Ravin were madly in love with each other. This shower of love made him to overcome the pain he was feeling since Kushi’s death. Now he could see his future filled with lots of love and peace with Simar and his parents. He extremely loved Simar and at the same time he was a responsible son too. Everything was going on smoothly, he came back to India as his project got over. It is really hard to stay away from your loved one and both of them felt the pain of that distance. But it cannot affect your feeling for the person. Video call and phone calls became the medium to remain close to each other. Simar came to India during vacations and both of them meet each other’s parents. Again time turned its wheel and loneliness entered in Ravin’s life as Simar’s high ambitions and insecurities succeeded to hinder their happy love life. He broke down once again when Simar left him on the same day when Khushi left him. He could not bear the pain of heartbreak again and his journey of love lead him to mental asylum where he was being treated for depression.

Though Simar came to know about his situation, understood her mistake and came back to Ravin, but he didn’t deserve to have gone through this stage. He truly loved Simar but she couldn’t understand his love, she was not able to see the life from Ravin’s point of view. Simar’s character sounds somewhat selfish. Instead of understanding Ravin’s love, she just thought about her freedom, ambitions and tried to overcome her insecurities. Ravin’s character is adorable and heart touching. He meant truly when he said “I love you”, his intense love for Simar is just something for what every girl dreams about.

Book is written in very simple and effective language. I couldn’t stop my tears while reading it. One can feel the happiness, the love and the pain of Ravin while reading. Though storyline is not unique but it won’t allow u to lose your attention. But few questions will remain unanswered that will Ravin be able to become the same one as he was earlier after coming from rehabilitation center? Why a person has to suffer this much who has pure heart and that heart is passionately loving someone? If Simar had also the same feelings for Ravin then, why she could not understand him? and lastly how Ravin could not bear the pain when Simar left him, he already have gone through such pain when Khushi left him. Were his feelings and love intensity same as he had for Khushi?