Our Impossible Love

Author: Durjoy Datta


Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Penguin Books Limited

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0143424610

ISBN-13: 978-0143424611

Rating: 3/5

Story starts with the female protagonist Aisha Paul, a 17 years old school girl. She belongs to a middle class small family of 4 members, parents, a brother and herself. She and her brother are studying too hard to get scholarship in order to combat with the financial crisis. Aisha is an average looking girl who is about to become an adult within few months. Like other adolescents she is also curious about sexuality, very much concerned about her image in school and somewhat worried about her late puberty. Her sensory curiosity of wanting new thrills and experiences lead her towards a dark phase of her life and put her in a great trouble.

On the other hand the male protagonist Danish Roy, a 23 year old boy who is struggling to complete his graduation in psychology. He belongs to an upper-middle class family and the only disastrous member of his family who is always overshadowed by his extremely successful 21 year old younger brother. He considers himself very inferior and useless person in front of his brother. His constant failures in graduation drag him to a school as a counselor of students and of course due to the recommendation of his parents. But this job became a turning point in his career, he successfully counsel students and met a girl Aisha. He guides and supports her all through her thick and thins.

The student- counselor relation of Aisha and Danish transforms into their love relation after many ups and downs in their life. The path of their impossible love includes sex, curiosity, wrong decisions, depression, insult, cheating, suicidal thoughts, homosexuality, a strong family bonding, selfless friendship, fight against wrong and for ones rights, support, revenge and of course lots of love. The author has represented many issues of current generation with their actions and reactions for the same.

Story is narrated nicely in simple language though somewhere it seems little confusing. Danish is really a sweet heart and my favorite character in the story too. His unconditional and supportive love for Aisha is appreciable. He became the strength of Aisha when she lost all hopes and stood beside her in all worst situations. He represented a true lover.

Apart from the love of Aisha and Danish, the character of Aisha’s mother expresses the deep and true love of parents for their children. Instead of her ill health, she was the back bone of Aisha and she never let her down. Her sweet reaction and acceptance for Sarthak, Aisha’s brother in the way he is shows her understanding for her child without thinking of society. She is a great example for the parents who do not understand their children and may be lose them in this extremely competitive and nasty world. Just like cherry on the cake, Namrata and Norbu’s true friendship for Aisha is amazing. Their support and mind-blowing ideas made Aisha’s tough time smoother. The end of the story is little disappointing.

All over an average book written in flawless manner, with good pace and no grammatical errors. This book reflects today’s teenage world. If you are interested in teenage love, mistakes, confusion, complexity, fall and rise then grab the book.