Whisper of the Worms

whisperBook Title: Whisper of the Worms
Author: Marcardian
Publication: Cactus Publishers
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 317

Rating: 4.5/5

At very first moment, I would like to congratulate the author for narrating the tale of an ordinary common man in an extraordinary manner. When I saw this book first time, I surprised by looking at the title and cover image. It was like a puzzle, a donkey’s photo under the title “whisper of the worms”????? what could be the connection of both??? And to solve this puzzle I had to read the book. That’s how I started with this book.

The story starts with a rich NRI who is suffering from lung cancer and his last few days made him remind about his native place. His strong desire of spending his rest of the time at his own land, among the people he belongs to and the most important the place where he wanted to lie after his death landed him to “Marcardia”…. his own country!!!

Immediate after landing, he had been stopped by a police officer who impounded his passport and made him aware about the serious offences charged against him. This incident left him in a thoughtful state that what exactly he did?????? The story covers the journey of Thobias Mathai, the main protagonist from a hospital in USA to his deal with several false allegations charged against him in his country Marcardia. The beautiful narration of the story will take you across the different roles of Thobias Mathai… as a curious child, an obedient son, a clever student, a true friend, a committed husband, a loving father and an honest employee.

The simple and error free language of book is making the journey of Thobias’ life more soothing for readers. The beauty of this book is, it will keep in engrossed with it not only because of the suspense behind the story but as more as you read, you will find yourself got attached with his life and with him you will also feel like to make him free from all false charges. In extremely simpler way author has described that how marvelously relations are woven in one’s life and without them life is incomplete. Thobias’ attachment with his father is really heartwarming. His father was his best friend and also his teacher who taught him the values of life which remained with him throughout his life. He has visited many places and met a number of people in his life… But nothing could give him that peace which he got after opening his heart in front of his childhood friend ‘Rajan’. Financial and intellectual differences had not any place in their friendship. The only important thing was that Thobias was in trouble and Rajan was there on his side with all he had. They shared a priceless bond.

The welcoming incident in his country made Thobias to remember about his previous working place “Smile Bank” which doesn’t share any resemblance with its name. The bank with typical corporate culture where a process called “Asinisation” was in practice to produce donkeys who will dance on the tune of bank. But the protagonist succeeded in keeping himself untouched by the dirty politics of the bank. He is honest, fearless and the most important he speaks truth. The small world of “Smile Bank” will introduce numerous varieties of people to you. The plights of bank culture have been described flawlessly with a pinch of humor in it. It makes the story more exciting.

With each step of Thobias’ life, I reached to the climax of the story and it was mind blowing and finally I was able to understand the logic behind the book title and cover page. Each chapter of this book will fill your heart with curiosity. If you want to experience typical bank culture without working in a bank, this book will definitely take you to that place.

In very first impression I felt that this book is different and it really is…. It is not kind of typical love story or suspense thriller. It is just a fiction of a real life and will leave many thoughts in your mind about your own life. It is just uncommon in common.

Lastly…. few lines that I liked the most!!!

“There are no complaints in love. It starts when you start hating”

“Happiness is inversely proportional to the difference between reality and expectations”

“Just because a truth is truth, it need not become truth until it is announced by the concerned authority”