Karma isn’t Such a Bitch!

30335630Author: Rashmi Rathi
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Release Date: May 25, 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 115

Source: Review copy

Rating: 2.5/5

The protagonist is post-graduate from IIT and IIM who is enjoying the early success and peace of social and professional life. All his planning, hard work and dreams broken up due to a tremor in his life. He could not understand anything what happened and descended in deep frustration. Because of this he started losing all hope, relations and love from his life which drag him to an attempt of suicide. But momentous encounter with a divine saint make him realize about the impact of his karma from previous birth on his present situation. He showed him a path to tackle with the situation with stable mind and make him understand the law of karma. The protagonist succeeded in resolving all the troubles and again his life follow the track of success and peace of mind.

The concept of book is attractive and unique. Author has tried to introduce an ancient theory of karma with the help of a character and his life journey. The language of book is simple and writing flows at a decent pace. In some sections, very long sentences have been used which makes it little bit complicated.

In beginning story sounds interesting and holds all attention. But as the story moves on it loses its charm and the flow of story is not so sound. The way of story build-up will just make you listen what the writer is narrating to you, it won’t lead you to live the character. The protagonist’s life events are so quick starting from his graduation to business initiative to his suicide attempt and getting back to normal life. Everything is so sudden that at every step it felt that something is missing. For example who will go in such a deep frustration which lead to suicide just because of betrayed by a friend? An IIT, IIM pass out, brilliant student who is having a strong support from family and friends, should try to find out the way to getting out of the trouble rather than sinking in depression. After trying a lot if he faced failure and then if it leads him to depression is little bit convincing. It sounds more filmy than the reality. I wish it had been slower with more of his life which could be easily correlated with rest of his life events. The beginning and end part of book is satisfactory but the middle portion loses its grip. Overall its good just required some improvements