It Started with a Friend Request

itstartedBook Title: It Started with a Friend Request

Author:  Sudeep Nagarkar

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Random House India (17 July 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8184004206 ISBN-13: 978-8184004205

Rating: 3/5

Never judge a book by its cover or never get fascinated by the book title??? It was the first thought that reflected in my mind after reading “It Started with a friend request”…. A short and simple love story which has been stretched for 224 pages under charismatic umbrella of book title. The book was a big disappointment for my expectations.

The story starts with a broken hearted male protagonist Akash who is deeply in love with a girl Aleesha and some unwanted incidents derailed their love story. Akash is missing his lady love badly as always happens in typical love stories. Now the thoughts of male protagonist will take you in their past where you will witness a traditional love story, how an extremely beautiful girl from Kolkata meet a heartthrob in a discotheque in Mumbai and the guy immediately captivated by girl’s mesmerizing beauty. They exchange their BBM pin which leads to frequent chats, meetings, love proposal, acceptance and friendly chats turns into love chats. Story goes on smoothly full of extra love and several intimate events between lovebirds until something unexpected happens in their life and a night changed everything between them.

Author had tried to make the story interesting with several incidents, ups and downs and some twists and turns in the story and succeeded up to certain extent. The thing which I like the most about the story is the friendship. Both male and female protagonists are quite lucky to have true friends who are always there by their side and the bond they share is really miraculous. One more story of two people Tamanna and Deep is running parallel which later on crosses the path with the former one and make the storyline more interesting. Story narration and language is really appreciable though certain printing mistakes and unnecessary repetitive content at certain places can break your concentration. Whole story has narrated at good pace and one can finish reading within few hours.

Overall an average love story written in trouble-free language with certain catchy twists.